The ART of Travel in the MEDIA

20th July 2022

Directly from New York City, I was a special guest for the Aladino Podcast. What did they interview me about? I was sharing everything about my life in Portugal and how I can help people like YOU!

The podcast, also recorded as a video, shows the amazing scenery from the place where I live too. Enjoy the talk and the images below.

Want further information? Just DM me and I will be happy to help.

19th April 2022

What do you think about volunteer work? I find it immensely gratifying, and that is why I’m helping the rural school children of my home country. I teach them English and not only!
I was interviewed live on the RADIO from the studio in Uruguay. I was answering about my caring work from Portugal, where I live. You will find the recording at the bottom of the article. 

24th March 2022

We all can have an extraordinary life by believing, deciding, and taking action. There is greatness in everyone, and it is on us to let it voice and make it manifest.

Genia presented her video Are you living your Greatness? as a featured panel contributor on Real Voices 360°

22nd March 2022

From traveling the Mediterranean to leading passionate people around the world to find the courage to live an inspired life. Being a former Agricultural Engineer, Genia shares her vision of a new path and her decision and resources to carry it out as a guest speaker Coach within the online event Inspirational Stories: develop a solution driven mindset

11th February 2022

A great night in a wonderful luxurious location in Lisbon as a guest speaker 🎤, Genia presented her business and told the story about how she created her new brand product GETAWAY. Fresh and sophisticated, 100 ml of a unique and exclusive Eau de Parfum.

Its combination of citrus, flowers, aromatic spices and fruits make the perfect fragrance for women whose success is their duty. We are leaders with great vision and we go for our goals.

2nd February 2022

The opportunity to connect with someone who has made decisions that have led us both on similar journeys is quite a special moment because there is a bond over the understanding of the choices made along the way, the feats, and triumphs.

Genia reached out to me after reading my article written for InterNations, and I knew we had to connect because of our similar stories.

4th April 2021

Genia Abreu the founder of The ART of Travel talks about her Life Skill coaching, and how she impacts passionate people around the world! Genia offers different kinds of activities, some of which include traveling, to help attendees grow their potentials and skills!

10th July 2020

Nós mulheres líderes temos uma maneira feminina de fazer as coisas, mas somos fortes,inteligentes e executivas. Usamos nossa intuição para tomar decisões e alcançar nossos objetivos com subtileza e determinação. O papel da mulher é necessário num mundo de homens, onde a nossa inteligência emocional e capacidade de combinar e gerir vários assuntos ao mesmo tempo são mais-valias que têm cada vez mais vindo a ser apreciadas. 

8th March 2020

I was featured on the Global Nomad Summit on the International Women’s day 🤗
Today I celebrate all women who make an impact in other people’s lives 👑

12th December 2019

Genia was invited to present how she has created a business out of passion while being on a self-discovery journey. She traveled to Bologna, Italy to tell her story in a relaxed environment under the event Inspirational Networking Aperitif for Travel Lovers.


29th August 2019

Victoria and Genia will talk about impact entrepreneurship, stories about Genia’s travels and transformation of her clients, Genia’s path as an entrepreneur and what means to leave 9/5 job and start doing what you love eventually making a business of it. Eugenia’s story is very inspiring, we hope it will inspire you too! 🙂

10th July 2019

Genia participated as a guest speaker on True Stories Told Live. When we decide to not let the world wait any longer for our impact we become an inspiration to others. 

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