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Your December 2021 edition here

Get valuable reviews on cultural gastronomy, home cooking, and innovation. Learn about one of the cities of my major transformation, and get ideas on how to diversify and create new brand products. Get my insights on enjoying a quality life, from activities to appreciate my city. Let yourself get inspired!


Your June 2021 edition here

Get into the details of the Getaway Experience program, where results, transformation, and fun happen. Discover the relationship between leaders and books. Deepen on everything related to fine dining, food, culture, and gastronomic experiences. Learn about Lisbon’s surroundings, Portuguese traditions, and my anniversary in Portugal. Find out about my success stories, and how to deal with desires, big goals, and manifestations.

Your December 2020 edition here

Learn about the ancient art of Feng Shui and the attitude on money management. Discover some of my stories that could help you get through what you are going on at this moment. Be part of the growing community of The ART of Travel and get a preview of its upcoming products. Get my insights on confidence and success.

Your June 2020 edition here

Get valuable reviews on innovation, global vision, and leadership. Learn more about The ART of Travel and get ideas to create your own lifestyle-friendly business. Get my insights on what visiting Europe means and get inspired!

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