I offer High-Touch Programs that are custom built for you. I present them as packages with an established base, which I adapt to your needs. The first step is to decide in which line you want to work by choosing a Program. My products vary in length, the way they are delivered, and intensity. From our conversation, I personalize the program for you and follow up with a custom proposal! 

If you are not sure which program is best for you at the moment, we can decide that together too, on our call

“It was a great experience talking to Genia! I am pleased that I’ve signed for her session. It was very insightful to me!. She immediately understood the points on which I would have to focus and helped me capture them. I would recommend her as an expert and professional to anyone looking for support and clarity in their life path.”

Tetiana Qureshi Reva


It is an in-person program held in different locations, where coaching and traveling happen simultaneously in a high-vibe and selected environment. I have created this program to carry out a result-oriented experience for a selected group of passionate people in exclusive places. It is an instance of personal transformation and fun. It is a unique The ART of Travel program to provide support and guidance while designing your better future and knowing new places. Looking for courage? Welcome to my Getaway Experience!


Put into practice my 7 essentials to create your lifestyle by design. I invite you to make the laws of the universe work for you and to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want. Commit to your journey and become invincible with certainty. You can have a completely new life in the next few months. It will benefit anyone who dares to try a different, effective, and exact approach. It is developed online or in person.

“Dear Genia, It is impressive that with your help and in just 45 minutes, I could view my situation from a new angle and see the road to my ultimate dream and solutions. Thank you for your inspiring, relieving, insightful and energizing session! You opened up valuable new perspectives on my current situation. I look forward to keep working with you in the future..”
Doriana Heady


This program is all about working on yourself together with your environment. The main design is half online - half in person. However, it develops equally effectively just online. It consists of 3 main sessions with follow-ups and coaching calls. Variable-length with interspersed live coaching and calls. Adaptable to the client. Anyone can do it, no matter their previous Feng Shui – Coaching knowledge.


Looking for more personalized attention to prosper? This program has two formats for your next level. Just online or online plus VIP days with me for 2-3 days for 5 hs. Whether you are changing careers, moving abroad, owning your business or making any lifestyle decision, you deserve effective personalized coaching to claim and allow what is yours. It is a 6-month intensive program. Take the time to focus on yourself with valuable help and support along the way. Manifest your biggest dreams with a passionate, courageous woman by your side. Get clear, confident and ready to go!

“Thanks again for your session. I’m so glad I took the courage and got in touch with Genia. She was very generous with her time and had so much wisdom on things I needed to improve and work on with myself. It felt like I was talking to a friend or a family member. There were no restrictions, just pure honesty. I’m recommending her. She is that one Life Coach everyone should have.”

Mae Dicen


If you have plenty of good ideas but still don’t know where to begin, this program might be a perfect fit for you. It is a dynamic and effective program for self-driven individuals. It will allow you to gain good momentum with precise support, encouragement, and guidance. It will help you to make prompt decisions and take immediate action. It generates fast results in a short period. Meet virtually with Genia Abreu every week to clarify desires and keep working on your goals.


Have you gotten in any group yet? Love to share and grow together? This group coaching has two formats. The first option is to be delivered just online. The second option is online plus group meetings in person 3 times a year for 3 days each time. Every two weeks group meets virtually for coaching calls. Groups go from 6 to 20 people.

“Thanks for the call to talk about the challenges faced by me. I enjoyed talking to you and discussing professional issues, relationships, physical and spiritual needs. I enjoyed listening to you and your advice and loved the ideas of the laws of the universe, travel, etc. I consider the session to be outstanding and very helpful. I look forward to talking to you again soon.”

Rajesh Gera

Every woman has a story

My successful story in a nutshell!

Courage, resilience, and achievement! I went from being an Agricultural Engineer on a 9-5 job to an inspirational expert traveler. If you want some actual transformation, a lasting change in any area of your life, this is for you. I funded my expertise on my personal life story, including my path to becoming a leader. When life asks more from us, we are called out of our comfort zone to grow. Becoming a leader is not any different, and discovering who I am has set me free.

Have you ever thought about achieving your goals while traveling? I have created a business out of passion while being on a self-discovery journey. I want to stimulate a unique experience while offering consistency in the quality of my products/services. We could use harsh circumstances as a trampoline to thrive in life and business. That is my case, and it could be yours too, with my support along the way!

‘Being ourselves can lead us to be an exile, but we have protected our soul’

By going through personal, challenging circumstances, I had the chance to develop skills and grow fast, with all the harsh turning out to be a blessing to me in the long term. We all can work through our experiences to get the most out of them. Within a new family scenario, I had an opportunity to reveal many significant aspects. I used to reinvent myself positively, and I now use them to coach my clients.

You can also use your values, experiences, and personality to your advantage, in the same way. My previously acquired values allowed me to take over successfully to the next level. After quitting my job,  I have created my business and have chosen a new path that makes me happy.

‘The best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures’

While my creative and independent thinking was growing, I decided to change my career. That means deciding who you want to be and consequently what you want to do. I have used my traveling as my self-discovery journey and want to provide enriching opportunities to others in the same way. Traveling was good for my soul, and as a consequence, I have inspired many others.

People are inspired when one leads from the heart and connects to self. They feel it, and that leads to happiness. I provide value by knowing who I am, leading by example, being confident about it, and knowing my desires. You can benefit from it.

‘We had the power all along, my dear. We just had to learn it for ourselves’

My motto, ‘’What I master in my life, I give to others”, sums up very well what The ART of Travel has to offer. I know now that my goal was freedom, the basis of life. It is the foundation of all my strategies. I present my programs and packages in a general way and adapt them to meet every client requirement. Since what I have become is priceless, they are designed based on the value I provide for somebody to become something. It involves transformation, and I center my formula on change and satisfaction.


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