How I achieved my Goals and created a Lifestyle Friendly Business while Traveling

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Hi there, Genia here!

I’m a bold woman on an exciting journey, a life strategist, and a travel expert. I dare to desire, live passionately, enjoy traveling, and find ways to make a profound impact. I’m curious about what is possible for me and others. The more I dare to believe in my dreams, the more feasibly they become. No matter what challenges arise along the way, I overcome them. My perseverance and bond of friendships open doors and create miracles. And I see the impossible become possible.

I help people live an inspired life. If you want to be happy along your journey, I invite you to experience The ART of Travel. Bring MY expertise to YOUR life with a new approach and clarity for life. I can help you through a done with you process to create your lifestyle by design!

Join me for a 15-minute triage call. You will see how to manifest with ease.


Genia Abreu

Services I can provide for you



I offer High-Touch Programs that are custom built for you. I present them as packages with an established base that I adapt to your needs.


When Coaching and Traveling unite, it is a game-changer. I’ve eagerly created an intensive, exclusive, and transformative program. Its versatility is adaptable to everyone.


I provide online and in-person inspirational events. Among them are Networking activities, Coaching Workshops, and Mastermind Programs. 



I love my people, those who belong to my life by choice. It is also amazing how easy and exciting it is to meet new people. My personality longs to create instant and meaningful connections. It allows me to interact in a harmonious way that I enjoy.

Stuart Swing, International Transformational Life Coach. Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Genia radiates a sense of knowing her place in the world and how to find it. She is able to show others the way to those places that will bring them their greatest joy too! She knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how to squeeze every last drop of juicy joy out of any experience she is part of."

Chiara Flisi. Commercial and Sales Clerk. Bologna, Italy

"Genia understands your needs straight away and gives you suggestions that allow you to reach your goals very fast. She is positive, determined, and empathetic so you’ll have fun with her while realizing you are improving your life just after few sessions!"

Pamela Wiltgen, Business and Accounting. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

"A unique person, with a big heart and a loving personality, that’s Genia. She is always looking for better self-expression and exploring the best she can be. The spiritual meaning of life and living it to the fullest is a motivation for her. "

How it works

Simple Steps to Transformation

It all starts with a single first step.

Learn about how you can find the courage to live an inspired life. I have created a Lifestyle Friendly Business while traveling. You can also design the life that you want. Let me show you how to do it.

Ready to start?

I love to connect, see what is possible, and help others.
I would love to connect with YOU.

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This short conversation will make it easy for you and me to elaborate on whether there is a good fit worth exploring and IF or HOW I can help you.
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When you commit to making things happen I will hold you accountable for that. I will not only support you but also do checks and reminders along the process.
Set a goal
We can set your goal together. It must be challenging, something that you have never done. It will allow you to expand and become a better version of yourself.
Make a decision
The moment you make the decision, the universe begins to arrange things to satisfy your desires. Everything will unfold before your eyes.
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Book (coming soon)

Book (coming soon)

My upcoming book reveals the secrets to transforming your obstacles into opportunities to thrive in life by developing your full…


My first brand product, GETAWAY, is inspired by one of the 'The ART of Travel' coaching programs. Fresh and sophisticated,…

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