I have developed leadership skills from my own life experience and higher education, and I continue to deepen this base. My world journeys have expanded my perspective and enriched my communication skills. I now use all these acquired tools to coach successfully mainly within a holiday/traveling context.

I will work with you to bring you to your own magic and inspirational space. I will be at your side to clarify your desires, to support you in the process of holding on to your special vision. I look forward to helping you upgrade your skills, grow your potential, and make life plans coming from your new, positive perspective.


Among my interests are traveling, global networking, intuition, gastronomy, lifestyle, self-improvement, Feng Shui, and sports. I come from a solid, scientific base as an agricultural engineer at the start of my career.

The key to my success is a solid belief in myself and a sharp-witted character that helps me establish an immediate connection with almost anyone. I was shaped by my travelings, curiosity, and eagerness to learn. My unlimited and open-minded way of thinking had made me a strong believer in the potential of people.

I’m a seasoned traveler and life-skill coach with a passion for helping people. I like and respect diversity.


In my Case Study learn about How I achieved my Goals and created a Lifestyle Friendly Business while Traveling

Genia understands your needs straight away and gives you suggestions that allow you to reach your goals very fast. She is positive, determined, and empathetic so you’ll have fun with her while realizing you are improving your life just after few sessions!

(Chiara Flisi. Commercial and Sales Clerk. Bologna, Italy)

A unique person, with a big heart and a loving personality, that’s Genia. She is always looking for better self-expression and exploring the best she can be. The spiritual meaning of life and living it to the fullest is a motivation for her.

(Pamela Wiltgen, Business and Accounting. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

Genia radiates a sense of knowing her place in the world and how to find it. She is able to show others the way to those places that will bring them their greatest joy too! She knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how to squeeze every last drop of juicy joy out of any experience she is part of.

(Stuart Swing, International Transformational Life Coach. Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I would say Genia’s personality is inspiring, destined for greatness and success, with a touch of natural sensuality, self-awareness and femininity. She is characterized by a great determination, realizing and achieving goals with happiness.

(Alain Bin Naim, Producer/On-Air Host. New York City, USA)


Genia is a thoughtful traveler, with a positive, balanced, and friendly approach, driven by her indomitable spirit that radiates freedom, optimism, peace and confidence. She knows how to enjoy herself, exuding a divine unique elegance.

(Pietro Gambera, Photographer. Milan, Italy)

Genia is always walking with a smile, feeling compassion and empathy for others. Having both extrovert and introvert sides, and a great capacity to enjoy life to the fullest, she connects and puts people at ease almost immediately.

(Donnye Kelly, Gwinnett County Government, Atlanta, USA)


Finding ourselves  is our true destination

I grew up in a family that values knowledge and education. I’m a former Agricultural Engineer with a Master’s degree in Soil Physics. Since I became an entrepreneur, I have completed many other studies that had served this purpose. I’ve always been a professional, an avid learner, and a world traveler. Only when I started traveling often, I came to realize my ability to connect and flow in a new way. Having done this for many years, I could learn how to become one with the environment, learning to be present, and getting the most out of every situation. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone by traveling mainly alone and by immersing myself in my surroundings. Going deep and to the core of things is a feature of mine.

Getting to know our  ‘What’ and ‘Why’ helps us get clear on our purpose

I encourage mindful people, not just to travel more but to approach the travel and experiences more thoughtfully. To prepare for their holiday, to anticipate new experiences, to dive deep into whatever awaits them. That is different from planning out every detail. The ART of Travel came about as a consequence of doing what I love mindfully. Other people’s feedback regarding the images of my trips, my traveling experiences, and my approach to a new adventure, have helped too. Living my travel philosophy together with providing insights and awareness became something usual, useful, and inspiring. My intent is for my clients, friends, and followers to enjoy and make the most out of their journeys.

When we are in love with ourselves in life..  that’s personal mastery

When we are brave, the truth reveals to us. To leave behind comfort and embark on a self-discovery journey takes courage, but the rewards are priceless. Once we make the jump, a new magnificent world reveals to us, one that we might not think was possible. We must trust ourselves, be willing to let every little detail enlightens us, and find a lesson in every person and event that crosses our path. And while facing the best and the worst features of ourselves, the brave ones will find our well-deserved peace. And that’s how our journey is, during a trip as in life!

Here is your Complete Checklist for Leadership in Traveling & Life that you can use to your benefit. 

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